February 26, 2024

Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling and Urban Mining: Tapping Into Local Resources

By 2030, Statista estimates the demand for lithium-ion batteries around the world will have increased by 7x. A lot of this growth focuses on the demand for electric vehicles and the decline of gas- or diesel-powered trucks, cars, and SUVs. While lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) help us live technology-rich lives, these rechargeable batteries are also environmental hazards. 

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February 16, 2024

E-Waste and Election Years: The Effects of Democracy

Senators Tom Carper, Shelley Moore Capito, and John Boozman reintroduced The Recycling and Composting Accountability Act after it failed to make it past the House in 2022. The goals of this bill are to make it easier for people to recycle electronics and other harder-to-recycle products. As of February 2024, S.1194 hasn’t progressed.E-waste is an […]

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January 15, 2024

International Standards for Secure Hardware Destruction

Every company and person possessing computers, printers, copiers, and other electronics must ensure that they destroy the hardware following their country’s standards. Improperly destroying electronics can affect lives and potentially lead to hefty fines, lawsuits, and negative publicity. 

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October 30, 2023

National Versus Local Electronics Recyclers: Which Should I Choose?

Many households have around one in six electronic devices or appliances lying unused in storage areas, leading to clutter and environmental concerns. Proper recycling through certified programs like e-Stewards, NAID, and R2, offered by companies like ERI, ensures secure and eco-friendly disposal, safeguarding both the environment and personal data.

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